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The Novosolution ™ system precisely meters and mixes concentrate with water from your existing water supply to deliver premium quality windshield washer fluid.

In a typical installation, the steel tank is securely installed outside of your building to save interior floorspace and allow for efficient refilling. The convenient wall-mounted dispenser is connected to the concentrate tank with stainless steel tubing.

Environmentally Friendly. By using your locally supplied water, you are eliminating the environmental cost of transporting large quantities of water… a significant reduction in your carbon footprint. The Novosolution™ system reduces VOCs by more than 40%.

Novosolution™ customers also enjoy the lowest product cost while increasing convenience and productivity.

The Novosolution™ dispensing system is professionally maintained and serviced by Novosolution™ at no cost to you. In some jurisdictions a one-time installation fee may apply.

You only pay for the fluid you use.

The Fire Code Compliant System

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